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Cholim Name Exchange

Please send us the name of your loved one in need of a refuah shelaima (complete and speedy recovery) so that we may send it to another caring Jew who will give tzedaka, any amount to any organization, in the merit of a refuah shelaima for this person.

We will be glad to send you the name of someone else's loved one who is ill so that you can give tzedaka in their merit as well - any amount to any organization of your choice.

This is a true fulfillment of the mitzvah of V'Ahavta L'Reyacha Kamocha - Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.

Please email us at info@operationrefuah.org

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Operation Refuah is a project of the Eshet Chayil Foundation and was established in loving memory of Sandra Lynn Baruch, a true Eshet Chayil.

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